No one ever knows.

Everyone always wants to be there for you and tell you how you should handle your break up.  But unless they’re you, they’ll never know.  They say they understand what you’re going through and that they know what it’s like, but they don’t.  No one will ever really know what you’re going through — except you.  So, therefore.. figure out how to handle yourself; your break up.  Take into account what your girlfriends are telling you and put your own twist on things.  No one will ever know how to handle your break up besides yourself.  They say there are many different stages to getting over your significant other.. denial, depression, anger, acceptance.  But it’s entirely up to you which steps you want to take first.  I’ve done the drinking, the depression, the denial, and I’ve recently worked up to acceptance.  But I haven’t gotten angry yet, and I’m not sure how angry I can get.  I’ll let you know in a couple weeks but if you still love someone, you don’t necessarily need to hate them to move on.  It might be easier, but I’m sure it’s not healthy.  All I’m saying is that I’m taking this one day at a time, one shot at a time.  I’m writing about what is going to work out for ME.


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