Girls Night Out at Home

my girlfriend came over yesterday so we can talk about anything and everything.  she’s going through something with her exbf and i’m going through a similar situation with mine.  she brought up something that totally hit home for me.  so, her exbf wanted to get back with her because he was afraid of losing her.  he told her he still loves her a lot and that he didn’t want to lose her.  sometimes, when two people are together for such a long time, they get used to the comfort of having someone around.  she said, “getting back together because of fear isn’t going to last.  if he wants to get back with her, it has to be out of love, cause fear doesn’t last forever.”

that got me thinking a lot.  i wonder if my exbf ever thinks about me or misses me.  and if he does, what is it that he misses? our relationship and everything about me? or just the comfort of having someone to go to dinner and a movie with when all the guys are busy? i don’t know anymore.  these days i’m really confused about everything.  nothing makes sense anymore.  whatever the case is, i hope i figure it out soon.  i feel like a broken hot mess — still HOT, but a mess.


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