some days

some days you’re gonna feel as if you’ve lost everything and nothing makes sense anymore.  everything you see or hear reminds you of that certain someone.  it’s going to kill you inside very slowly.  remember that you’re going to have to find the strength to continue living your life.. just because he’s out of your life doesn’t mean that you have to stop living.  “one thing i’ve learned about life is that it goes on, whether you’re ready to or not.” remember that for every second you spend missing him and wondering if he’s missing you that you could be missing out on other wonderful things and wonderful people.  i know it’s really hard because i’m living it everyday as we speak.  i try to remember all those cliche sayings hoping that one day it’ll hit me and i’ll snap out of it.  cliche but true.  when one door closes another one opens.  i’m going to trust that things happen for a reason and this is truly the best thing that could happen for me.  i am stronger and more independent than i thought and maybe this had to happen so i can find something else better for me.  my life and blogs shouldn’t be just about love lost and love found.  i have so many other things to experience and go through.  this is just another phase of my life that i’m going to have to get through.

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